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Wild Ward City Casino is the most legit online casino in Australia. We offer a wide selection of games and promotions that will keep you entertained and coming back for more!

You won’t find better odds anywhere else, with our generous bonuses and rewards. And if you’re not feeling lucky today, we have plenty of other ways to win big – like our progressive jackpots! So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!

Wild Ward City Casino Online casino

Wild Ward City Casino Online: This is a new and innovative online casino. They offer things like:

Random jackpots based on Blockchain technology, transparency and fairness in all their games; not to mention security issues are almost nonexistent. Wild Ward has been compared to the mobile application CashBet Coin (CBC) many times. It offers competitive odds and quick payouts like an online casino should! Just like CashBet they even have their own coin (WARD). Each WARD equals half a cent; this gives you wildcard city casino more bang for your buck when playing high roller or low stakes games alike! For example if you play with 10 WARD, that’s equal to five cents per hand in blackjack.

Casino Overview

Wild Ward City is an upcoming online casino with some ambitious plans to not just mimic other casinos, but also to blend together all of the best parts of various traditional casinos into one cohesive product. What does that entail? Well, firstly they’ll have a standard casino offering including table games and slots, but will also include poker room featuring Texas Hold’em cash games and tournaments. To appeal to sports betters there’s also going to be a section for wagering on sports events. However, the more intriguing part of the plan are their efforts to provide generous bonuses outside of your initial deposit which are awarded by participating in different social media sites through the entire month.

Mobile version

Wild Ward City Casino is becoming ever more popular in the UK, US and Australia. Interested in Casino?

Casino games are fun and exciting and can be played anywhere you want – whether it’s at home or on the go.

You can play any free online casino game from your phone or tablet! Experience all the thrills of real money slots by playing for free – no deposit required!

Gaming options

Wild Ward City Casino is an online casino available on the Windows, Mac OSX & Linux operating systems. It has a wide variety of games, from slots to table games and card games. You can find a list of them under the ‘games’ section of the website. Currently, the available titles are:

In addition, there’s also a massive collection of mobile style games that you can play directly from your web browser without having to download anything at all, as long as you’re using one of the following browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari

iOS users need to have version 8 or above installed on their device in order for this feature to work properly.

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